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Hammerslagfestival Vinterblot is a festival for the extreme metal scene (Black, Death, Grind, Trash). The name “Hammerslag” means Hammerstroke and is taken from Darkthrone’s “Sardonice Wrath” album. Chess mate Jesus Christ!

 In the darkest time in the winter the vikings used to have a celebration wich they called Jul ( wich is the Norwegian word for Christmas). The meaning of Jul (Christmas) in pagan Norway was to drink, care for your beloved ones (by bringin gifts), eat well and have a pretty fucking good time. They also gave the old pagan gods sacrifices for good times throughout the winter (which can be very harsh in Norway). This kind of Sacrifice was called Vinterblot. But the christians came, killed and destroyed these old scandinavian traditions.

To make it easier to controll the people and make it smoother for people to accept christianity they put the birth of Jesus to the darkest time of the year. This led to that Vinterblot seized as a celebration.

One of the agendas of this festival is to bring some of the old blood back to Norway. We offer a sacrifice through music to the people.

So take a trip to Tønsberg, Norway in February. You won’t be dissapointed!

Best regards
The Hammerslag Crew